Outdrop is was founded in 2015 by Norwegian designer and entrepreneur Emil Ringheim. Outdrop is an Oslo-based fashion brand and creative outlet creating ready-to-wear collections, focusing on message-heavy themes, sustainable fabrics and ethical production.

The small team behind Outdrop works to provide a place of collaboration and community, working as an outlet for creative collaboration across genres.

After dropping out of school, working as an intern for several Norwegian brands Emil worked on his first collection titled “The Rise”, which focused on the struggles of being young and the difficulty of finding your path. The collection was followed up by “It Stops With Me”.

Outdrop was made to be a place for collaboration. A community of young artists and like minded youth could come together and create across platforms. In the last few years Outdrop has collaborated with artists like Unge Ferrari, Lido, Sebastian Zalo and Pen Gutt, photographer Olav Stubberud as well as Kadetten Festival, Futur and F5 Agency.

With only two own collections released, Outdrop is still a very young brand and the coming years will focus heavily on building a sustainable brand from the bottom up in all aspects of our business, as well as delivering the services we've spent years developing to other brands and artists through our B2B White Label.

Our team
Emil Ringheim

CEO & Creative Director

Jonas Azaiza

Brand manager

Annichen Winsnes Svalastog

Project manager

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