Ethical production

In the 5 years Outdrop has existed, Emil has travelled to countries all over the world to look for the perfect production partner. Last year Outdrop started collaborating with Atelier Kameleon. 

Our garments are made by a skilled and professional team of tailors, cutters, seam workers, controllers, ironing and packaging personel in Lituania, EU. The production atelier owned and run by Norwegian activist Anne Slaaen. The atelier is a 100% ethical producer, meaning that they do their utmost to take good care of their staff, to treat everyone with respect and to bring out the best skills in all the team and thereby delivering quality garments to last a lifetime.

Sustainable & innovative fabrics 

Pyratex, who in collaboration with Outdrop produce all the fabrics for our jersey line.  


PYRATEX® was born with the mission to replace synthetic, functional textiles with natural and more responsible options.

Read more about our fabrics here.

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