Atelier Production

In the 6 years Outdrop has existed, we have worked with several manufacturers. We have travelled to countries all over the world to look for the perfect production partner to match our goals and values. After trial and error we eventually partnered with Atelier Kameleon, located in a small city called Tauragé in Lithuania.

All of our garments are made by a skilled and professional team of tailors, cutters, seam workers, controllers, ironing, and packaging personnel in Lituania, EU. The production atelier owned and run by Norwegian activist
Anne Slaaen. The atelier is a 100% ethical producer, meaning that they do their utmost to take good care of their staff ensuring good work conditions, treating everyone with respect, and to bring out the best skills in all the team and thereby delivering quality garments to last a lifetime. In November 2022 we visited the atelier. We got to meet the fantastic people we've worked so closely with to develop our best garments to date.


Sustainable & innovative Fabrics 

Developing high quality jersey garments has always been a big focus for us. In the process of solely producing pieces we can stand firmly behind, finding a partner in developing more sustainable fabrics became crucial.    
In 2019 we started working with PYRATEX®, a Madrid-based company, born with the mission to replace synthetic, functional textiles with natural and more responsible options. 

All the fabrics for our jersey line is made with PYRATEX® smart fabrics, which are durable, sustainable, and upcycled materials, based in Madrid, Pyratex like Outdrop want to keep their production local and spin most their fabrics in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Keeping all our textile production in Europe allows us to better control our traceability and reduce our impact on clothing production.


Made to last

Every Outdrop garment are made to last and withstand a long life. Producing clothes that both will last both in production but also style wise. Standing in opposition to fast fashion, the reason we make clothes is to make garments that fits into a more non-seasonal wardrobe, in our own signature cuts made from both sustainable and durable textiles. A garment with a smaller carbon footprint and a long life cycle. When garments break we want to give new life to the textiles to ensure that nothing that can be saved goes to waste.



As we continue to strive towards reaching our creative goals, we will keep pushing for a better industry standard. We're lucky enough to work with some of Europe's finest within production and development where pride is put into every process along the way to craft Outdrop's collections.

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