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Sustainable working

For us it's been important to do things right from the beginning. Since our first collection in 2016, sustainability has been a priority in all our work, want to do things the right way, and not cut corners.
Yet our road towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry is far, but for every collection and every brand out there taking the first steps in the right direction, the way towards a sustainable led industry is closer and going in the right direction.

With every collection we aspire others to realize that you don't have to be a big brand to make sustainable clothes. Even though we are making a small change, we is still a long way to go. We are still facing new challenges with making every collection. Being even more focused on finding better ethical and sustainable options, but we are getting there, one step at the time. We have managed to make collections entirely produced in Europe, with even more sustainable fabrics and with the level of ethical production that we envisioned to find. 


Products that stand the test of time

Holzweiler aims to produce clothing and long-lasting products that can stand the test of time by creating tried and true classics that becomes meaningful to the wearer, for years to come. At Holzweiler, we encourage all our customers to look after their products and opting for alterations and reparations if needed, instead of discarding the item once it’s worn in. Our Holzweiler store staff will gladly help you fix the products if they do not hold the standard they should. Even though all our products are recyclable, please consider donating products discarding them.

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