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Sustainable thinking, working and living

To be a contemporary fashion brand today requires a large amount of responsibly, both in terms of environmental footprint and when it comes to building a long-term ecological balance through a more sustainable way of living. Holzweiler’s approach to sustainability in fashion is a work in progress, and through this approach, we continuously explore new realms of sustainability through all areas of running a fashion brand.
As we continue to shape our long term strategy for corporate social responsibility, we will share it with you along the way as we ruthlessly work towards being better in all possible fields.

Products that stand the test of time

Holzweiler aims to produce clothing and long-lasting products that can stand the test of time by creating tried and true classics that becomes meaningful to the wearer, for years to come. At Holzweiler, we encourage all our customers to look after their products and opting for alterations and reparations if needed, instead of discarding the item once it’s worn in. Our Holzweiler store staff will gladly help you fix the products if they do not hold the standard they should. Even though all our products are recyclable, please consider donating products discarding them.

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